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V EDITION — Riprenditi la città


Riprenditi la città

5 Edition


Following the success of the past editions, AIDI (the Italian Cultural Association of Lighting) organizes and promotes the fifth edition of the International video competition “Riprenditi la città, Riprendi la luce”.
An initiative that aims to disseminate the “culture of light” among the young, to stimulate their awareness of the importance that this element plays in their daily lives, and to learn and understand how they interact, precisely through the light, with the city they live, work, or study in.
The light, the young participants and the cities still are the protagonists of this IV edition. The video will be the instrument through which they will narrate the light: a 60-second film, which can be filmed with portable or mobile devices such as tablets, smartphones, video camera, camera, etc. The cities become the stage of their video shooting and tales, their lit backgrounds, the colourful scenographies through which the young participants will tell their stories, their squares, and their gathering, leisure, meeting, and work places.
A fresh look that, through many 60 second gazes, will not only convey the value of the light in our daily lives, but that will give us the idea of their dreams and hopes, of the image of our cities and, above all, of what their eyes see and communicate.
The new format of the video contest is divided into three categories: the under 18s, the under 30s.  All categories will deal on a three themes, LIGHT AND PLACES, LIGHT AND WORDS and LIGHT AND ART and the instrument to be used will always be the 60-second video.



“Youth is happy because it has the capacity to see beauty. Anyone who keeps the ability to see beauty never grows old …”
(Franz Kafka)

Light is heritage of those younger too, and AIDI, aware that the culture of light has to start right from the “youngest”, in collaboration with GALDUS, Vocational and educational training center (, opens the competition to the under 18s, by actively involving high schools and professional institutes, in which the light might easily become subject of projects and field of study. Thus, also the kids between 14 and 18 years will become aware of the importance that this element plays in the places they daily visit.
For the participants of this category, the relationship between light and their school building may be the subject of their videos.

1st place
a 500 euros book voucher and an iPad
2nd place
a 300 euros book voucher and an iPod


“Young men’s love then lies not truly in their hearts, but in their eye…”
(William Shakespeare)

The competition calls on the many young film makers – but not only –, who are increasingly interested in these media, to represent the light, through their own attentive gaze and their sensitivity, in its daily space and time dimensions. They can narrate the  relationship between light and space, both in public spaces of the city and in interiors inserted within an urban context.

1st place
2.000 euros
2nd place
1.200 euros


Riprenditi la città – screenshot-video

Special awards

Jury special
1.000 euro

It will be awarded the video that received a special mention by the jury for the creativity of the style used in telling the light.



Short films must not exceed 60 seconds length and they can be shot with portable or mobile devices such as: tablets, smartphones, video camera, digital camera, etc…
Participation is free, either individually or in group (no more than three components, for which a group leader must be indicated).


December 17, 2018: Presentation press conference at the Triennale di Milano

April 30, 2018: closing of the competition

May 17, 20178: Award ceremony  in Rome, in the technology MAXXI Museum.