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The promoter — Riprenditi la città


Riprenditi la città

5 Edition

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The promoter

AIDI, Associazione Italiana di Illuminazione (Italian Lighting Association), since its foundation in 1958, constantly acts for the scientific, technical and cultural information to disseminate knowledge about light and related issues in the world of lighting.

Present on the national territory with local sections, it has always been an ambassador of modern Italian culture of light, having as main objective the dissemination of knowledge on all aspects of lighting and encouraging the study and the research.


It is involved in cultural, dissemination and teaching activities, establishes its own boards and study commissions, maintains relationships with organizations, associations, research centres and national and international Boards, in Italy or abroad, and it is engaged in activities directly or indirectly connected with the development of studies and applications of lighting.

With the International video competition “Riprenditi la città, Riprendi la luce” AIDI aims to spread the culture of light starting from young people, to know and understand how they interact, specifically through the light, with the city where they live, work or study.